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From the time they first made their appearance in England in XV century, miniature models of small arms have been given as a sign of respect to members of the royal family and government officials who could really appreciate the high artistic craftsmanship embedded in these models. The masterpieces created by European craftsmen as an evidence of an apprentice’s ability to become a master gun maker were embodiments of high quality and professional work.
The tradition of gifting miniature models reached Russia two centuries later and became widespread in XVII century.

This was the story of the tradition to collect miniature weapons.

We at Miniature Arsenal take pride in continuing a century-long tradition of making unique operating miniature models of small arms.

Collecting miniature models of the weapons manufactured by the world’s renowned weapon companies throughout the ages is today not only an interesting and respectful but also prestigious occupation.

Apart from a purely aesthetic value of miniature weapons, a collection of these models will have a practical value of tracing back the evolution history of small arms and demonstrating the changing way of their production and decoration.

Unlike any other similar items, miniature models made by Miniature Arsenal are fully operational and capable of reproducing all functions of the original weapon. Each miniature item undergoes a full-scale reconstruction and is characterized by impeccable quality of detail.
All items are certified and officially documented.

Our craftsmen are true creators who join their skills and efforts to produce models of the highest quality scaled 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 and 1:5 of the original size.

Currently, we at Miniature Arsenal have produced miniature full-action replicas of more than 100 small arms from different times and countries. These include revolvers, pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, rifles, machine guns, hunting rifles.

Miniature Arsenal is renowned among collectors worldwide.

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