Miniature Arsenal carries on the tradition of making full-action replicas of small arms.
Our craftsmen are able to produce unique high quality collector models.


Currently, Miniature Arsenal has produced more than 100 miniature guns models. Our miniature arms include miniature revolvers, miniature pistols, miniature submachine guns, miniature assault rifles, miniature rifles, miniature machine guns and miniature hunting rifles.
We join our skills and efforts to produce miniature firearms scaled 1:2, 1:3, 1:4 and 1:5 of the original size.

Miniature weapons made by Miniature Arsenal are fully operational and reproduce all functions of the original weapon.

Caracal F pistol miniature model with gold ornament in handAKM 1959 golden miniature model with a silent & flameless device in handStechkin APS Pistol, M1951 miniature model decorated with gold ornament in handCaracal F pistol miniature model, damask steel, gold in hand
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