Winchester R-93 Duo “Hamed” hunting rifle miniature model
Winchester R-93 Duo “Hamed” hunting rifle miniature model in hand
Winchester R-93 Duo “Hamed” hunting rifle miniature model on scale grid
Winchester R-93 Duo “Hamed” hunting rifle miniature model, decor elements

А miniature model of the 308 Winchester R-93 Duo mod. “Hamed” hunting rifle.

Production year of original weapon: 2004
Caliber of original weapon: 7.00 mm (308.00)
Original wapon origin country: Emirates – Germany
Scale of miniature model: 1:2 of original size
You can buy this miniature model as shown on pictures.

In 2001 H.H. Sheikh Hamed Bin Zayed Al-Nahyan who was Minister of Economy in Emirates and famous for his hunting skills said his idea to have double-barreled rifled gun to fight large and very danger animals to Blazer Jagdwaffen GmbH, the German company specialized in hunting rifles. His support in this deal allows making the very first sample of such weapon in 2004. This new original rifle got two horizontal coupling barrels and lengthwise-sledged and collet type bolt. Loading of R-93 Duo with two cartridges at the moment gives one the opportunity to use this rifle as a classical hunting weapon but at the same time rifle magazine for 6 bullets increases its rate of fire.

This model is decorated with 999-purity gold incrustation, engraving, gilt covering of some details and high artistic carving on metal. Animals' heads are made in "bullino" technique.

Miniature Winchester R-93 Duo “Hamed” hunting rifle, M2004 1:2

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