FG-42 Assault Rifle miniature model
FG-42 Assault Rifle miniature model in hand
FG-42 Assault Rifle miniature model on scale grid

A miniature model of the original FG-42 Assault Rifle.

Production year of original weapon: 1942
Caliber of original weapon: 7.92 mm
Original wapon origin country: Germany
Scale of miniature model: 1:3 of original size
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This weapon was designed by order of Herman Goring, Reich Marshal of the Greater German Reich.
The rifle was designed by Louis Stange, an engineer of Rheinmetal-Borsig A.G.
Two models of this rifle were manufactured. This miniature model represents model # 2 which was manufactured by Krieghoff in Zula.
Apart from Rheinmetal-Borsig A.G. and Krieghoff, FG-42 rifles were manufactured by L.O. Dietrich in Altenburg.
It was on September 12, 1943, when FG-42 rifles were used for the first time during the Mussolini release operation.
It was in 1944, when the 600 SS Paratroop Battalion used this weapon during the battle of Monte Cassino in Italy, as well as during the Ardennes Offensive and the Battle of Berlin.
According to different sources, a total of 4 to 7 thousand pieces of this weapon were manufactured.

Miniature FG-42 Assault Rifle, M1942 1:3

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