Pernatch Aautomatic Pistol miniature model
Pernatch Aautomatic Pistol miniature model in hand
Pernatch Aautomatic Pistol miniature model on scale grid

А miniature model of the 9-mm SBZ-2 (OC-33) Pernatch automatic pistol

Production year of original weapon: 1995
Caliber of original weapon: 9.00 mm
Original wapon origin country: Russian Federation
Scale of miniature model: 1:2 of original size
You can buy this miniature model as shown on pictures.

Pernatch Pistol was designed by famous Soviet and Russian designer I.Ya.Stechkin in cooperation with engineers A.V.Bal'tzer and A.V.Zinchenko. It was in 1995-1996 but even today this pistol is the most perfect in its class. Using some new technical methods the designers solved the main problem for short-barreled automatic weapon – increase effectiveness of bunk fire. Shooting from the distance of 25 meters all bullets come into the frame of 50 cm diameter of standard target. This outstanding result had been reached thanks to engineering construction combined with automatic system loose bolt and movable barrel as well as leading away gun powder gas to the special space in a bolt-case to stabilize barrel position in shooting. This Pistol uses 18- and 27-bullet magazines with PM and PMM enforced powder cartridges. It is also configurable with folding metal stock. All these positions make SBZ-2 (OC-33) very significant and important type of weapon for "spetznaz" (special mission teams) in armed ministries.

Miniature Pernatch Aautomatic Pistol SBZ-2 (OC-33), M1995 1:2

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