“Second Century” Double-Barreled Pistol miniature model
“Second Century” Double-Barreled Pistol miniature model in hand
“Second Century” Double-Barreled Pistol miniature model on scale grid

А miniature model of the 11.43-mm “Second Century” Double-Barreled Pistol by Arsenal Firearms

Production year of original weapon: 2011
Caliber of original weapon: 11.43 mm
Original wapon origin country: Italy
Scale of miniature model: 1:2 of original size
You can buy this miniature model as shown on pictures.

By 100-years anniversary of legend Colt M1911 pistol, Arsenal Firearms Co. designed unusual double-barreled pistol in 2011. Its construction is similar to famous forefather, but the new sample can fire a volley and come to a target with two bullets at once. Such shooting capabilities are possible because of hammers and triggers connected with each other, but two returning and main springs don't have any changes in firing mechanism. This "Second Century" obtains extraordinary kinetic energy and put out of bullet action. Having 1800 grams of weight it doesn't look like a giant monster. It can be very effective for officers served in power and security units. Produced as a jubilee model this new duplex Colt M1911 will attract attention of all who likes shooting and fire arms, and also of those who has special feelings to Colt M1911 pistol-veteran.

Miniature “Second Century” Double-Barreled Pistol, M2011 1:2

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