VSS Silent Sniper Rifle, M1987 miniature model
VSS Silent Sniper Rifle, M1987 miniature model in hand
VSS Silent Sniper Rifle, M1987 miniature model on scale grid

A miniature model of the original VSS Silent Sniper Rifle.

Production year of original weapon: 1987
Caliber of original weapon: 9.00 mm
Original wapon origin country: USSR
Scale of miniature model: 1:2 of original size
You can buy this miniature model as shown on pictures.

This weapon is designed to shoot special SP-5 cartridges and can hit targets absolutely silently. The design allows both single and serial fire. The weapon is being used in service with Special Task Units of the Armed Forces, Federal Security Service and Ministry of the Interior of Russia. It is also known as the “Vintorez ("Screw Tap") according the code assigned to it during the designing period.
The rifle was designed by engineer Piotr Serduykov. Owing to different types of scopes and its high striking power, the VSS can easily inflict casualties on the enemy soldiers dressed in personal protective clothing at a range of up to 400 meters.

Miniature VSS Silent Sniper Rifle, M1987 1:2

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